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Twig Tea Pouch is a ceramic teapot in faux beechwood design.

  • A functional teapot-purse hand-built of stoneware paperclay from press mold textured surfaces.
  • Designed as a wall hanging.
  • Spout and lid are patterned in faux birch driftwood.
  • The color choices are based on the preferences of the buyer who commissioned this work after seeing Sea Gir-Raft's wood-like structure.
  • Incorporates glazes of golds and oranges for the body and birchwood hues for the lid and spout, all gracefully blending together.
  • Construction sequence: First fired to cone 06. Underglaze applied and rubbed off to expose textural surface qualities. Refired to cone 6. Gold opalescent glaze applied. Fired again to cone 017. Overglaze gold applied. Final firing to 150 degrees C. in a regular oven. Hanging handle fashioned of matching crystal beadwork.
  • Size: 5.5" x 5.75" x 3.0".
  • Date: 2006.
  • A commissioned work.
  • Sold.

     Enlarged View

Enlarged view shown.

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Detailed Views

Detailed views shown.

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