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  • This work is a hand-built hanging teapot formed of a stoneware paperclay of my own making.
  • Press mold was used for the faux quilted fabric of the body.
  • The hand-built lid and spout were constructed from a press mold to provide the wave-like form.
  • Construction sequence: First fired to cone 06. Black underglaze hand-painted onto the outer surfaces and then partially sponged off to reveal the darkened texture beneath. Details of orange stars and blue spots were painted on the exposed outer surfaces. The piece was then refired to cone 6. Gold and turquoise overglazes were applied. It was fired once again to cone 017. Small pearls were embedded into the quilting creases. A beaded handle, fixed in an arc, completed the work.
  • Size: 7.5" x 6.0" x 3.0".
  • Date: 2007.
  • Exhibited at Maine Art Educators Association Exhibition (MAEA), Brunswick, ME and at the River Gallery, Chattanooga, TN.
  • Sold.

     Enlarged View

Enlarged view shown.

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Creative Process

Creative process illustrated.

  • This piece was designed as a companion piece to Teeny Tea Party.
  • It was conceived during the construction of that vessel to be a comparably whimsical teapot. It was made entirely from the stoneware paperclay that I prepared from scratch, that is, rather than with commercially available medium.
  • I used a press mold for the puffed-out quilted fabric designed for the body of the pouch.
  • I proceeded to glaze the merry party hat lid in a suitably jolly pattern, and to do the same for the accompanyng wave-like spout.
  • The work is finished with pearl insets and a beaded handle.
  • Both the detailed pattern of design for this piece and its coloration are distinctly different from that of its sister teapot.

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Detailed Views *

Detailed views shown.