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Teeny Tea Party is a whimsical hanging teapot.
  • This is a hand-built hanging ceramic funcional teapot.
  • It is formed of a porcelain and stoneware paperclay admixture that I made and used for the first time for this piece.
  • New press mold was designed and used for the small puffed-out quilted faux fabric.
  • Construction sequence:
    • First fired to cone 06.
    • Hand-painted underglazes added for the plaid effect on the body of the piece and polka dot glazes applied for the party-hat lid and the spout.
    • Refired to cone 6.
    • Additional opalescent overglazes applied.
    • Final firing to cone 017.
    • Beading added to create the multicolored beaded handle.
    • Beads placed in the interstices between quilting patches.
  • Size: 7.25" x 6.0" x 2.5".
  • Date: 2009.
  • Sold.



Enlarged view

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Creative process illustrated.

  • My objective in undertaking Teeny Tea Party was to make a new tea pouch as a gift for a friend.
  • Toward this end, I designed a new mold to mimic a puffed-out quilted fabric for the body of the pouch.
  • At first, I intended to add a formal "diamond" stonework to the surface. However, as the work evolved, spontaneous inspiration and fun took over.
  • As a consequence, I formed a whimsical party hat lid and wave-like pattern for the accompanying spout.
  • To complement the mirth of the piece, I added a pink and green plaid pattern to the purse and polka-dots to the lid and the spout.

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Detailed views.


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