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Tea for Tutu, A Fiber Art Teapot.
  • This is a fiber teapot made from a new commercially-available felt-like fabric, called Thermoformable Felt, made by the Italian company, DHG (Dyeing House Gallery). I had been sought out to experiment with the fabric. Regrettably, I cannot recommend this product in its current formulation because it does not harden sufficiently to maintain its integrity for practical use for creating three-dimensional fiber art works. This problem persists regardless of the array of measures I used, including ironing, oven baking and steaming, plus combinations of all three methods, despite the manufacturer's stated promises.
  • The one attribute that made the new material attractive (and potentially exciting), however, is that it comes in a variety of luscious colors, a distinct advantage over FossShape, which is available only in black and white thus far.
  • I eventually hardened the new material (moderately) by using a fabric stiffener, while simultaneously ensuring it will maintain its shape more permanently by stuffing the main teapot cavity with soft cotton, a less than perfect solution. I also used wire to form armatures in the handle and the spout. I do not plan to use the material again unless it can be modified so it hardens readily, easily and well.
  • The teapot is made by assembling pieces of the new material cut to predesigned shapes. I used the triaxel tumbling blocks weaving pattern. The overall design is original. The component panels are sewn and glued together. Fabric stiffener is used to make the teapot stand upright and relatively stiff. As mentioned above, I used wire to stabilize the handle and the spout.
  • Ostrich feathers adorn areas of the work along with tiny glass crystal beads.
  • Date: 2019.
  • Size: 17.0” x 1.5” x 6.0”.
  • Price: [To be inserted].
  • A work in progress.



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Tea for Tutu during construction process.


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