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Sweet and Sour York is a ceramic work in the form of a Chinese take-out container from which emerges a Yorkshire terrier puppy.

  • This is a hand-built sculpture is made of self-made porcelain paperclay admixture for the container and stoneware clay for the puppy's head and paws.
  • Extruded clay is used for the fur and press mold for the container and the handles.
  • The handles are made in faux wooden stick style.
  • Crystal beads embellish the collar.
  • Image transfer of a tiny doily created the surface design on the container.
  • The puppy's head, a portrait of the buyer's pet, and its paws were hand-painted with underglazes.
  • Constructioni sequence: Fired to cone 06. After underglazes applied, they were rubbed off to bring out the press mold doily pattern. Refired to cone 6. Opalescent overglazes were applied next to the sticks and the box. Fired once again to cone 017. Further cold finish coloration was done with acrylic paints and enamels. Red Fimo clay ties were applied. Clear crystal beads were added to complete the work.
  • Size: 10.5" x 7.75" x 7.25".
  • Date: 2007.
  • A commissioned work.
  • Sold.

     Enlarged View

Enlarged view shown.

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Creative Process

Creative process illustrated.

  • The design of this work was modified according to the specifications of the buyer who commissioned it to represent the portrait of her Yorkshire Terrier puppy emerging from a Chinese take-out container.
  • The container holds a little blanket as in Tea Wow Wow. Coloring and faux wooden stick handles are fashioned after I Love Lucy. A crystal bead collar and head bow in the fur are added.
  • The greatest challenge in making this piece was to emulate the long hair fur. It was a feat I considered not feasible in clay, causing me to reject the commission at first. But I was prevailed upon to undertake the project and ultimately succeeded by using long strands of extruded clay meticulouly applied to the Yorkie's head and paws.
  • Press mold technique was employed for the container, using tiny doily transfer images, as was done in making Chinese Take-Out Lantern. Press mold also formed the faux sticks for the handles.
  • Predominant colors are reds. The puppy was hand-painted using underglazes, supplemented by air-brushing in order to apply color deep into the fur.

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Detailed Views *

Detailed views shown.

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