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Completed Shimmering Dragon's Tea.
  • This third iteration of the series with Chinese dragon theme is hand-built of stoneware clay with tulle fabric wings attached. It is a mixed media composition with clay body, lid, handle, spout and legs plus wings fashioned of a shimmering tulle material supported by wire.
  • The art work differs in many ways from its predecessors, Mythical Tea Dragon and Yinlong Tea. Principal among the changes are the design and material of the wings and the use of decals and glazes for decorative enhancement of the body and handle. The wings are cut from predesigned templates, joined by sewing and the joins reenforced with a wire armature to maintain their form. The wings are not applied until the ceramic body has been fully kiln fired and glazed. Other changes include [insert]
  • Wheel-thrown stoneware clay teapot is altered by sculpting, carving, pulling and paddling.
  • Gold glaze is applied to the dragon's body and lid. It is wiped off to leave gold coloring in the interstices between the scales. Then white glaze is applied over all remaining surfaces. Gold decals are placed on the handle, lid and dragon's face. Multiple kiln firings follow.
  • Wings are formed from tulle fabric using original templates designed for this purpose. The wing parts are joined by sewing over a delicate wire armature. When completed, the wings are attached to the body by gluing in place.
  • Construction details:   
    • Dragon body, neck, head, handle, spout, horns, limbs and lid are formed by sculpting, carving, pulling and paddline. The unit is assembled and, when completely air dried, is kiln fired to cone 04.
    • Gold glaze is applied and rubbed off to leave gold coloring in the insterstices.
    • White glazing is applied to all remaining surfaces.
    • Another firing is done to cone 4.
    • Gold decals add more decorative elements to the spout, lid and dragon's face.
    • Mulitple firings are done between layers of coloration.
    • The wing panels of tulle fabric are cut from original templates and sewn together over a delicate wire armature.
    • The fabric wings are attached in place on the completed ceramic dragon and glued in place.
  • Date: 2017
  • Size: 9.0” x 8.5” x 9.5”.
  • Sold.




 Enlarged view of Shimmering Dragon's Tea.

Enlarged view.

Enlarged view.

Photography by Nick Thompson of Berlian Arts                                                                 










Image of work in progress with clay component completed, but wings to be made and added.


  • The dragon's body and separate lid is constructed of stoneware clay, modified by sculpting, carving, pulling and paddling.
  • After the work is allowed to air dry to its bone dry state, it is subject to kiln firing at cone 04.
  • Gold glaze is applied to the surface of the body and wiped off. This leaves gold glaze within all interstices between the scales.
  • White glaze is then also applied to the remaining surfactes.
  • Gold decals are added to the handle, lid and dragon's face.
  • Multiple firing are done between layers of glaze and again after the decals have been put in place.

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Completed work with tulle wings attached.


  • The wings are made of tulle fabric, which has been cut to custom shapes based on original templates.
  • The panels are sewn together over an armature of delicate wire.
  • When the wings are completely assembled they are glued to the dragon's body to complete the art work.


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