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Mending is a quilt designed from photographs of a treadle sewing machine.
  • Mending is a quilt that depicts a collage of digital imagery from photographs I took of an old treadle sewing machine, interspersed with other design elements. The work was inspired by the vintage sewing machine. The images are digitally manipulated, mirrored, repeated, and color-modified, among other design modfications.
  • The final composite is photographically printed onto a white panel of fabric.
  • Variously colored cloth borders are added.
  • The word "mending" is repeatedly embroidered onto the borders in cursive lettering using green thread stitching.
  • Appliqué, air-brushing of fabric paints and thread painting with multicolored threads are used for detail work and for enhancing or modifying the decorative embellishments.
  • Borders are composed of strips of fabric, two all orange and two in checker-board black and white. Applique' technique is used for some of the circular components on the borders; others are made by air-brushed fabric paint.
  • Quilting is done to sandwich a layer of cotton batting between the image-containing front panel and the monochromatic back black fabric panel.
  • Green colored thread is used to embroider the title "Mending" along the entire border of the finalized quilt.
  • DIsplayed at the Maine Jewish Museum, Portland, ME, invittational exhibition 2014.
  • Date: 2014.
  • Size: 26.5" x 24.0".
  • Available for purchase. Price: $950.





Early development of quilt with photo print of image transfered to a white fabric panel.   


  • I took a series of photographs of a treadle sewing machine and manipulated them on a computer. I duplicated and admixed them to yield an abstract collage.
  • The composite image is transfered to a panel of white fabric by photographic printing.
  • Cloth borders are appended in various colors and patterns.

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The word "Mending" is embroidered along the border in cursive script using green thread.


  • The title word "Mending" is repeatedly embroidered in cursive script along the border strips in green thread. 

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 Close-up view showing thread painting details.   


  • Colored margine cloth folded from black back panel forms outer border. Extensive thread painting is added to work to sandwich cotton batting between decorated front panel and mnochrome black back panel. Shown here is center bottom sample in progress.

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Continued thread painting.


  • Thread painting continues at the central section of the piece.

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Thread painting concluded and air-brushed fabric paining applied.


  • Lower left corner shown with final thread painting applied.

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Completed work displayed.

  • Completed work is shown here, ready for wall hanging.



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