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Daisy Duke Hot Tea Jeans is a ceramic teapot in the form of a pair of short blue jeans.


   Creative Process   

Creative process illustrated.

  • My intent here was to create a piece similar to the original Daisy Duke's Hot Tea Pants, but with some distinctive differences. One modification was based on my determination to exaggerate even further the contour of the female form within the jeans --- that is, to further drive home the idea that these jeans actually belonged to Daisy Duke herself.
  • In addition, I wanted to try another belt idea. I chose the lizard belt around the spout, a snake-like thing to do. Moreover, I wanted to add daisies somewhere, focusing on the lid and the top area (see details on far left) for this embellishment. Finally, I wanted to try some new techniques of creating the actual blue jean color.
  • While working on this latest version, I tweaked the name from Daisy Duke's Hot Tea Pants to Daisy Dduke's Hot Tea Jeans.
  • The color of the suspender buckles was changed to copper instead of gold. Using copper luster is something I had never done before.

   Detailed Views *    

Detailed views shown.

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